How to choose a rug

Persian and oriental rugs are so versatile; they will suit almost any décor in your home. Our rugs work successfully in places you would not normally expect like your kitchen or bathroom, or as a wall hanging – see our photo gallery. Come in and see us and we will help you choose.

Choosing a rug you should think of the following

  • Consider the advantages of handmade. Handmade carpets are mostly woven with hand-dyed yarn and traditional weaving techniques. These hand-knotted rugs can seem to be costly and that is because of the amount of work that goes into making them some can take up to a year to complete. Handmade wool rugs will be more durable than similar rugs of man-made materials; handmade rugs can last more than one lifetime.
  • Buying machine-made. Machine made rugs are made can also echo traditional designs and symbols, other include contemporary designs. Most use man-made fibres and colours and can be less expensive but may not last for many generations.
  • Decide on colours and patterns. The range of patterns and colours are endless – from traditional, classic to modern patterns with either vibrant earthy colours or a muted, pastel palette. So choose the combination that appeals most to you – a photo of the room or a swatch of fabric can help you choose what will suit.
  • Choose the right size rug. No matter which style you choose, the best way to make sure the rug looks right in the room is to get the right size. A photo of the room will help with this.
  • Consider a rug pad. You may need a rug pad to prevent the rug moving.